Interestingly, I got offered a position over here in Dublin that I am going to do for a couple of months. It’s kinda depressing at the moment because I am over here on my own with no friends around me. But at least once I get the money rolling in, I will be able to go home on the weekends.

I’m looking for a place to stay… I think that I might start off with a share house and see how that goes and if my 3 month contract gets extended, then I can look at getting a proper place to live in.

And I get to see my oldest friend from World of Warcraft for the first time… she lives in Tullamore over in Co. Offaly.

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Seaford with mates

Last year I was diagnosed with mild depression… it sucked. I went back to Australia for a month to try and get things sorted out… it kinda helped. Then I started chatting with a friend who helped me start looking at life a lot more positively. I identified that, in Manchester, I had no real friends like I had around me in Kendal and Bristol when I was living in those two places. So I started thinking that it might be best for me to move away from Manchester and get around friends again. Continue reading

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I dont know about you guys, but I am seriously starting to get fucking pissed off with the amount of fucking ads appearing on youtube these days. I want to know if the people who post their personal videos on there so friends can look at it are getting a rub of the coin from Google (the fucks who own youtube these days) who are pushing all these ads out. I really need to start loading up my iphone and/or my android with music or even drop a days worth of music off my stuff from home onto the laptop so I dont have to listen to ads any more.

Also, if I am listening to fucking ROCK music, I dont want to hear about the latest and greatest (sic) urban R&B album that I have no fucking interest in at all. If it isnt played with at least 1 guitar, 1 bass guitar and a set of drums, then fuck it off… of course unless I am listening to trance or house dance music… but regardless… I dont want to know about some dumbshit fucking wannabe music starlet who, aside from having blown her way to a recording contract, has less talent in her entire body than I have in my little toe…

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New Directions

For a while now, I have been battling with a few issues in my life. Today, I took the first step at a new direction in my life. I handed in my notice today and I gave them until the 25th of May as the day I want to finish up with the company.

The boss was a bit shocked when I told him, but after he read the letter and saw that I was citing isolation from family and friends as one of the reasons for my decision, he understood perfectly.

I have to say that Mark T is one of the best bosses I have ever had and he is going to be doing all he can to help me out even after I leave the company. Brilliant man.

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I caught up with a old friend yesterday… She is still as pretty as I remembered her… it was good spending time with her…

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A New Start

For a while now I have been unhappy in my life. Things weren’t working for me and I have been really unhappy. Some of the things affecting me, I have sorted out. I will be making some serious moves in my life in the near future and things will get better for me regardless of the outcome.

And I can get back into that happy zone that saw me lose all that weight last year and out of the bad place that has seen me put a fair amount of it back on.

I liked being thin again and I am going to be working at getting back to where I was.

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.info spammers

I have finally had enough of the sheer quantity of spam emails hitting my inbox from a single spam merchant in the US that has about 500 different spam boxes (at least 500 spam boxes) and as a result of this dickhead company, I have blacklisted *.info.

And who said you can’t block them all…

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Cycling Manchester

While I have been looking at my bike rides over in Europe, I have also been looking at bike rides around Manchester. I have found a nice easy(ish) ride that goes from Eccles/Urmston to Wigan. A distance of about 14.6 miles (about 22KM) and should take about an hour and a half each way.

It follows the Bridgewater Canal so I should be able to get some interesting photos along the way. Once I get to Wigan, I can spend a couple of hours wandering around doing some sightseeing or I could find a coffee shop, have a cup, recover a bit, jump back on the bike and ride back.

Either way, it would be a good way to spend a day (or half a day if I want to just have a coffee there).

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Cycling Europe

I have been saying for years that I will do a bike ride around the Bodensee and next year is going to be it. I am going to spend some time getting my bike sorted out and upgrading a load of stuff on it before I head over there.

I am planning on a rather extended trip. Doing Vienna to Salzburg and then going from Salzburg to the Bodensee and then doing the circuit around the Bodensee. I am also going to do the extension around the Bodensee to Shaffhausen and the Rhinefall.

If I plan things right, it should take me about 10 days.

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Steve Jobs

Today I learnt that a rich and important man passed away… and because he is rich and important the news media is all over it like a rash. Yes, the man did advance the cause of technology by massive amounts over the course of his life, but his passing is no different to anyone else who also suffers from that dreaded disease called cancer.

It would be fitting if, out of his passing, a trust fund was setup with a part of his massive fortune to find a cure to this disease that takes hundreds of thousands each year. I believe and hope that Steve, in his wisdom, has put aside a significant part of his massive fortune to fund research into a cure to this disease… afterall, he was only 56 years old. 9 years older than myself and he should have had a long and fruitful life ahead of him.

It is a tragedy to see anyone cut down ahead of their time but it is even more tragic to see someone who is in the lime light suddenly disappear.

My thoughts, at this time, go out not only to his family, but to all the families who have lost someone to this dreaded disease. And hopefully he will, as I said, leave some of his fortune to researching a cure for cancer so that other people wont have to go through what he unfortunately went through.


VALE Steve Jobs

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