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Hardware tech cleanout…

I have next week off and I am going to be working my butt off sorting shit out.

I am going to be going through all my old computers and working out what I need and dont need and I am going to be sorting out the garage which is going to be my office.

I have a new case + motherboard bundle coming next week which I am going to turn into a development workstation and I will be installing Linux on it. Which version, I dont know yet but I do know that I am also going to be setting up another machine to act as a VirtualBox server running headless vbox machines.

It’s possible that I will have to get another processor and 16gb of Ram (2x8gb) for my main computer and moving the 16Gb in that to the vbox server.

In the end, I just want to be left with the following:

1 high end desktop (my games machine)
1 desktop (the new workstation)
1 firewall server (my old dell desktop)
1 Windows 2008 server
1 VirtualBox server (capable of running Windows desktop OS’s and Linux desktops)

And thats it.

I am also going to discuss with the guys I share the place with, about re-vamping the house network. I have a 4 port 1gBaseT Ethernet over power adapter and a bunch of 200mbps and 500mpbs adapters to spread the load around.

Have to see how it all goes 😀

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Whinge Whinge Moan

Admittedly, the Australian Post people should have checked their facts a bit better with one of their new stamp issues… I mean linking one of our greatest military victories with a country that didnt even exist at the time. How stupid is that? Continue reading

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As an adjoiner to the previous post… I have been contemplating setting up a number of VPS (virtual private servers) to host the various websites I have control of. I could have my sisters websites on one server, my business websites on another and all the rest of my various blogging sites on the third.

The problem with that could be that it becomes rather expensive really… but it would mean that I could get away from homepage universe and eventually… I could also take over the hosting of my own websites from servers located at home.

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It seems that only has a single bandwidth provider. In other words, if someone cuts their line to their provider, or their providers router goes down or someone screws up the settings in the router (like what happened Tuesday) their entire network goes for a burton.

And this is supposed to be a reliable hosting provider. Most of the hosting providers have a number of failover providers if their main connection goes down. This then allows the hosting company to keep servicing their clients even though their main link is down. The speed will be a bit slower but their clients will still be able to serve their sites to the public.

It’s also good practice to let your clients know what happened as soon as things are fixed. I had to raise a ticket to find out what happened at HPU myself. My father, who is also one of their customers, had all of his business sites down as well.

So the long and the short of it is… I will be moving all my websites off HPU in the near future and I will manage my own hosting from there.

Cheers HPU… you have lost at least 1 customer because of your lack of communication the other day.

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To the rest of the world, thats just a date… to an Australian, that date is when Australia really became Australia. In 1915 a bunch of very brave Aussies gave up their lives in the great war #1. Invading another country to capture targets that were important to our English overlords. Unfortunately for a lot of our young men, we were landed at the wrong place and faced overwhelming odds and despite that, we almost won.

One thing that a lot of people dont realise… is that the 25th of April is also the day when Turkey was made as well. Before that date, there was the left overs of the ottoman empire and the byzantine empires and there was a lot of division in what was then Turkey.

Two countries were forged in conflict against each other and despite of that, both countries are now great friends. Every year, Turkey allows hordes of Aussies to invade their shores peacefully to celebrate Anzac Day at Gallipoli looking out over Anzac Cove. They tend the shores there and look after the graves of all the brave men who died fighting the fights of other countries when they had no dispute with each other.

So… in celebrating the brave men of Australia… let us not forget the brave men they fought against and who became our friends.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we forget… VALE Anzac

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Tragedy strikes

Carlton FC

Carlton for life!

Last week in Melbourne… just before the Richmond vs Carlton AFL game started a tragedy struck one family who were going to the game that night. A brother and sister, Alexander and Bridget Jones, were on their way to the MCG to meet up with their father for the game when the wall on Swanston St collapsed on top of them and a researcher from France.

It turned out that both Zander and Bridget were passionate Carlton supporters.

There have been calls from amongst the AFL community for Carlton to show their respects to the family by wearing black armbands at this weekends game against Collingwood. This would be awesome for the club… however, for Carlton to wear the black armbands, they have to ask permission from the AFL to do so. If they dont do it… whats the worst that can happen? The AFL hands out a fine?

If thats the case, and Carlton wear the black armbands without permission… I propose that every Carlton supporter who goes to the game chips in $2 each towards the fine with the remainder getting passed over to the family.

And even if the AFL does give permission… how about every Blues supporter on the ground toss in a gold coin to hand over to the family in this time of tragedy for them. It doesnt bring back their children… but it shows compassion and caring for our own.

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Why should everyone be right

I was listening to some wow parody songs over the weekend and I found out that one of them (Play your class) is a parody of the Pink song “Raise Your Glass” and so I went off and had a listen to it.

The chorus is very true… raise your glass if you are wrong in the right way. It doesnt matter if we are white, black, straight, gay, male, female, jock or nerd… we are all humans and we are all, in one way or another… wrong in the right way.

If we dont conform to the image that society has these days of what people should look like or act like or even dress like… we are wrong… but guess what! I bet that there are more people out there like me than there are that are exactly like society says they should be.

I think that I would prefer to  be wrong in the right way rather than right in the wrong way… or to be exact… I would prefer to be exactly who I am and not someone that society expects to fit into their view of what I should be.

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About a debt

I keep looking in the newspapers around the world and I am seeing all this debt talk… everyone owes money… house prices are sky rocketing back in Australia and in the UK and there seems to be no end of. I am also seeing all this talk about unemployment being on the rise and I think that I have a solution to it all. Continue reading

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What to do…

I’m trying to decide whether to head back to Oz for some sun and xmas/new years in Oz with family and friends… or to head to the Caymans for a weeks holiday in the sun…

Or maybe I might head down to Portugal for some sun.

One way or another… I want to get some fucking sun this winter…

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