I am personally surprised at how well the upgrades to this computer went last night.

I just upgraded it to a core 2 duo 6300 on an ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard and I was expecting windows to scream like a bitch at the updated chipset on the motherboard.

I dropped it in, hooked it up and it fired up properly first time.


So now my two main machines are both 64bit computers with a gig of ram in each. Between the two machines, there is approx 1.5Tb’s of drive space available to me.

Hmmm… maybe I need to get a life and stop wasting money on computers and waste money on a woman.

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It looks like I will definitely be losing one of my pre-molars in the near future.

I was up for most of last night with a screaming toothache… and what was worse was the transmitted pain to the top jaw from clenching my jaw to much 🙁

So… no sleep on top of a load of pain… good combination really… time to go and take some more drugs…

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Damn sometimes my family frustrates the hell out of me…

I go down to Bridgetown to see my mum, sister and niece and nephew… I also go down to get away from life for a couple of days so I can relax…

Do I get any relaxation time at all? no, I dont. My mum and sister are constantly at each others throat, my nephew is rapidly turning into one of those lazy little Y generation shits and I know why they are called the Y gen. Because they are always going why should I have to do this.

It turns out that my nephew asked my mum why I was going down there if I wasnt going to go off somewhere and buy a shitload of expensive computer components to build my mum a new computer so that he can play his games on it.

My mum and sister are sharing a house and my sister expects my mum to be the live in baby-sitter for her and they are arguing about that constantly. My sister expects my mum to make all the decisions for my nephew and to look after her dog. Which has a habit of fucking off at the drop of a hat and goes wandering off around the neighbourhood. When you have a word to the nephew person about it and try and get him to go and look said canine… he has a whinge about it and doesnt want to do it.

Maybe in a couple of years, he will grow up… maybe in a couple of years they will all grow up and learn to live together harmoniously. But my mother and sister are too much alike at times and both of them are pig-headed about things and wont back down in the slightest.
Still… the best thing about going down there was my niece. Almost 4 years old and running around like a cat on a hot tin roof like a typical 3(4) year old.

Still, I am off to England in a couple of months and I possibly wont be seeing any of them for a very long time.

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I’m off to visit my family down south today… will probably be about the only time that I get to see them before I head off over to England next year.

I ordered the parts I need to upgrade my current computer last night 😀

Core 2 duo goodness 😀 it’s all good 😀

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Rock in Oz maintains the rage

It’s all about this story…

Rock and Roll… heavy metal, punk, indie and gothic industrial.

Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Ramones, Midnight Oil, Redgum, U2, Rage against the Machine.

Music is about getting a message across to the people who still have minds. It’s pointing out the fact that the English were invaders in Ireland and basically caused the troubles where the IRA were considered terrorists. It points out that the youth of the times do have problems with life and need to be understood.

Every song has a message written in it about something. AC/DC go out and sing about drinking and girls, U2 got their start singing about the problems in Ireland caused by the English and the IRA. Bob Dylan sang against the Vietnam War. Rage against the Machine sings about the abuses of human rights and the fact that the poor people of the world are getting ripped off by a select few people.

It’s not about sitting around listening to useless untalented people who get their fame from performing on a competition on TV to create a new rock star. These people have no talent and cannot write a good song if they tried. They do covers of songs that were written by real rock stars years ago.

To be perfectly honest, Pop Idol and Rock Star are everything that is wrong with the modern music industry. Casey Chambers and Shannon Noll, they are not musicians. They are pre-packaged pap for the general public who have allowed the music and movie industries to promote mediocrity as something good. Compare Shannon Noll and Jimmy Barnes, who really has the talent there? I can guess that it really isn’t Shannon, no matter how much the music industry promotes him.

The bands that are any good are to some extent protest bands, Cold Chisel’s Khe Sanh… quite probably the one song that everyone will sing to in a pub, is protesting about the Vietnam War and the treatment of the returned servicemen who got treated like dirt when they came back here.

There is protest in every part of our lives if we know where to look. And the people who still have some interest in what’s going on around them are always going to know where to look.

To all those of you who are complaining about the amount of protest music out there, go back to your rock star and pop idol tv shows and live out your life with the lies and mediocrity that you have grown to accept as good. STAY in your homes and don’t come out your front door because there is a real world out there that you don’t care about.

As for me… I will listen to anything that I want to… especially if it is drawing attention to something that I feel strongly about.

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Computer upgrade coming

It turns out that my mother wants to upgrade her computer so that my nephew can play the latest games. Her old computer is a PIII 1ghz with 196Mb of ram.

I talked to her about giving her this computer (P4 3Ghz) and I am going to replace the 2*320Gb hard drives with a 250Gb HDD and take out 512Mb. There are a couple of other slight changes to make, but in the end she will still get a top machine out of it.

What I will be getting out of the deal (apart from the money from selling her the computer) will be a Core 2 duo 6300 system with 1Gb of ram and the two 320Gb hdd’s. I’m going for a ASUS P5PE motherboard because it still uses AGP technology and I just updated my old ATI 9200 radeon card to a NVidia GS6800.

All in all, I think that everyone gets a good deal… my mother gets a good computer, albit second hand with some new parts, and I get a dual core system.

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The first reported entry

Well… looks like I just added in wordpress as my blogging software on www.marks.id.au which is going to replace my livejournal blog.

I am going to try and keep this going a little more than often than the livejournal site. 😀

Ohh well… off to work on dramothweb.net.

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