About Me

This is the home of Mark… Whoops, I forgot that you dont know the guy at the moment… His real name is Mark Leaver. He is a 6 foot tall ape decendant and no-one is trying to drive a by-pass through his house (Sorry Douglas)… in fact, it isnt even his house…

Anyway, This place is just getting started. This is going to be my personal area. I am an avid World of Warcraft player and I have recently started getting into a thing called Multi-Boxing where you run 2 or more characters in the game at one time connected through either hardware or software. My personal work type development site is going to be located at http://www.dramothweb.net… dramothweb is going to be under construction for a while.

I am currently based in Salford, Manchester but I am going to be moving again shortly. I am thinking of moving to Bury where I have a good friend living or I will move to the south of Manchester.

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