What to do…

I want to finish my masters in Computer Security and get out of development, but there are apparently only 3 places in the whole of the UK that offer it…

  • Plymouth
  • Liverpool
  • and some place in London

Out of the 3 places, the London one is an immediate loser… who wants to live in London. It’s bloody expensive there.

I suppose that the next best place is Liverpool, but I cant start that til next year and I want to have a permanent job by then and then I can do it part time. But they are only offering day classes which means I would have to take time off work during the day to get there. It would be fine if I got the permanent job with the council I have applied for… flexitime is good 🙂

Then there is Plymouth… closer to Bristol and Seaford than I currently am and once again, I would be able to do it part time… the downside is that I have to relocate down there (no biggie, I dont have any furniture and all I need to do is box up the stuff I do have, get a van and a mate to drive me down there, and I am away…)

I would also need a job down in Plymouth… but once again, thats not a biggie… I can get work anywhere 🙂

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