Human apathy

It came to my attention the other day about the plight of roma gypsies because of the deaths of two young girls in Italy.

They apparently went down to the beach to beg and sell trinkets and then went for a swim and drowned. Whose word was it that they were begging and selling trinkets? Why did their calls for help go unheeded for 10 minutes.

After I read that article, I did a little more research into the matter and found out that the roma gypsies were one of the ethic minorities in the concentration camps during WW2 and now the italian prime minister is forcing them all to be fingerprinted, kids included because of the perceived notion that they are behind a lot of the crime in the areas where they live.

Just imagine the hue and cry if Australia had started doing that with the vietnamese immigrants because they thought some of them could have been spies for the viet cong during the vietnam war and were placed in Australia as sleeper agents.
Persecution and racist acts like the Italian government’s is one of the steps towards a war…

Lets not go down that path again please.

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