Patrick Smith… Vermin sports journalist

Patrick Smith… accredited journalist with the Australian newspaper…

Unfortunately I think that this person is a little too biased to be a proper journo… He is from what I can gather a dedicated Essendon supporter and fair play to him… They are the second greatest Australian Rules football team in the competition… behind the team that Mr Smith constantly badgers and denigrates… The Carlton Football Club.

Between the two clubs, they have 32 premierships… although Carlton got there first and therefore holds the distinction of being the first team to achieve 16 flags.

Mr Smith has seen fit as a gutter journalist to attack the Carlton football club and its board with every possible chance that he gets because I think that he sees the resurgance of Carlton as a threat to the club that he supports and because of the lack of success of Carlton over the past 6 years, he feels that it is his right to slag my club off with every chance he gets…

In his latest article, Time Price Fixer took his leave of Carlton he has a massive swipe at Mr Richard Pratt, where he says that because Dick has handed back his Australian honours because of the scandle that Visy Corp. was involved in where some executives associated with Visy conspired with their main competition to fix prices (which visy undercut anyway) on cardboard boxes.

This lowlife maggot (Patrick Smith that is) has slandered and abused in every way he can, Mr Pratt, in an effort to force his own agenda (and possibly that of most opponants of Carlton) to keep one of the most powerful sports clubs in Australia on it’s knees so he can sell the scandal sheets called ‘The Australian’ and at the same time, try and paint Dick Pratt in the worst possible light to the rest of Australia.

Some executive within the Visy corporation decided that he would do a deal with Amcor in regards to prices and Mr Pratt, being the decidedly honest person that he is, has taken the guilt of the company on his own shoulders when Visy was found guilty of price fixing.

It was Visy, the company that Richard Pratt owns, that was found guilty of price fixing, not Richard Pratt himself. But Patrick, the honest trustworthy journalist that he is, has decided that it was Dick, himself, that was guilty of price fixing… And the courts in Australia have already decided that it was Visy that was guilty and have paid the price themselves. Any class action for the price fixing will be against Visy and not against Dick Pratt…

So where Pat Smith gets off denigrating Dick Pratt is a potential case for lawyers in a slander case against the newspaper that this oxygen thief works for and the oxygen thief himself…

If Mr Smith wants to try and sue me for slander, I would like to point out that any comments in this blog are purely a personal opinion offered as an opinion to the rest of the world and therefore are not elegible to be used as a case for slander… but if he wants to try… try and find me you useless waste of space and oxygen…
And in the future… try and write an honest story about something instead of offering up regurgiated speculation and inuendo about the object of your stories…

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  1. Ando says:

    Patrick Smith is a silly prick. When will he drop the Pratt thread?

    Anyways, how bloody great was it to knock off the Filth for a second time this season. The Odin Road tav was rocking, and will be again next week when we make Essendon pay for round 3 ;-D

    Hope all is well in the UK.

    Take care mate.


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