India Complains 2

Well… it looks like India’s threat to walk from the Australian tour has had it’s desired effect. They won a test and their man got off the racial vilification charge.

Whats the next threat they will come out with… touring England, India’s board comes out and threatens to walk if they dont win 3 tests.

Kick up a stink and threaten to never allow teams into their country to play cricket again unless they are voted #1 in the world for test cricket.

Well fuck em… The rest of the world doesnt need that sort of shit being acted on in cricket.

Their constant whinging and complaining and threatening because of their dominant financial position in the world of cricket is starting to piss a few people off. They get umpires sacked because they dont like the decisions that have been made against them. They sook if someone has a whinge about them. And they think that going around racially abusing players from other countries is par for the course for them, but if you say one wrong thing to them, they will scream rape.

Time to think ICC… Who runs world cricket, is it you or the teams from the subcontinent?

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