India complains

India is having a good whinge about Australia playing the game of cricket the way that they do. Professionally and with the intention to win. Maybe if india played in the same fashion they wouldnt be in this position.

They are having a whinge about the umpires as well, claiming that they are incompetent. At the end of the day the umpires are human and will make mistakes.

But the thing at the moment that really shits me off is that the indian players, management and supporters think that they have the right to racially abuse players of other nationalities and races without recourse. However, if someone says the slightest thing about them, they scream like little girls…

Shits me right off because they think that they can get away with it because of their treatment over the years.

India needs to grow up and grow a pair and deal with the ramifications of racism, both for and against them like men. They need to think about how they like being called monkeys and rock apes and whatever else they get called… and how the people that their fans and now, themselves mistreat feel… me, I just called them bad sports.

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