A possible look at the future…

For all the West Coast Eagles fans out there…

Judd @ Carlton

Looks damned good in Navy Blue doesnt he 😀

And if your board and your coach try and play hardball with us, then there is a good chance we might get him for nothing…

I must admit that I hope that your arsehole board does screw things up and he walks…

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5 Responses to A possible look at the future…

  1. Andy says:

    Too fucking right. West Coast are the ones with the dilemma here. Judd gets to pick the club he wants to go to (I know Dick and Greg will offer him a sensational contract + the trimmings), and it is then up to West Coast to make sure they can close a deal in order to send him to that club.

    If Judd picks the Blues, West Coast may have to settle for pick 3 and 20. If they chuck a spack at that and can’t agree on a deal, he goes into the draft and we grab him with our first pick.

    At first I was cynical, but if you put it all into logical thinking, the chance of Judd being at Carlton next year is prolly higher than any AFL team.

  2. ry says:

    You dont have the first pick mate. Richmond do. So try and play hard ball.

  3. mark says:


    I dont care who he goes to… If the Eagles management plays to hard, then no-one will want to deal with them and what happens…

    He walks and goes into the PSD and your club gets nothing…

  4. Matt says:

    Carlton gets pick 1,3,and 20

  5. Andy says:

    Yeah I messed up, Richmond get pick 1 in the PSD.

    We get picks 1, 3 and 20 in the November Draft.

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