WoW Backstories #2: The Draenei

Doreican – Eredar Mage (dec)
Od’rel – Eredar Priestess (dec)

Iv’serel – Lightforged Draenei Paladin
Hertanis – Draenei Death Knight
Alberoth – Draenei Paladin
Amal’isa – Draenei Shaman

The Story:
Doreican was a mage with the Wakener’s group which was lead by the sorcerer Thal’kiel. After Thal’kiel learnt how to summon lesser demons, Doreican swiftly learnt the skill himself. After Thal’kiel summoned a storm of infernals in front of Velen and Kil’Jaeden and was banned from summoning any more demons, Doreican stayed at their sanctum for a while before returning home to visit his wife Od’rel and their 4 children.

After Archimonde overthrew Thal’kiel and slaughtered all the demons, Doreican aligned himself with the young sorcerer and kept his demon summoning skills hidden from everyone. Many years later when Sargeras contacted the Eredar and offered the answer to the question of “what is the ultimate underlying flaw of the universe?”, Doreican eagerly joined with Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden in giving the fallen titan their undying loyalty. After Doreican had given his loyalty to the burning legion and accepted his conversion to a demon, he returned to his home to convert this family to being supporters of the legion.

Od’rel had always known that there was something different with her husband after the fall of Thal’kiel and the ascention of Archimonde to being a member of the Triumvate. Being wary of the legion and their demons, she had been watching her husband and the Triumvate when Sargeras contacted them. She knew about Velen’s rebellion against the other members of the Triumvate and the legion and had called for her eldest daughter Iv’serel to take her siblings to join Velen and flee Argus. She had decided to stay and confront Doreican and see if she could sway him back to the light so that they could flee with their children.

Unfortunately, when Doreican arrived at the house and found his wife alone and their children gone, he became enraged and attacked her. Little is known of the fate of them, but the surviving Lost Ones and the Broken in Mac’Cree tell stories of the battle between the demon Doreican and the lady of light Od’rel.

Iv’serel, not knowing what was happening between her parents, led her twin brothers, Hertanis and Alberoth, and her little sister Amal’isa to Velen’s ship, the Genedar… fighting Eredar demons all the way. Hertanis and Alberoth helped their sister in the battle while protecting their baby sister. After arriving at the Genedar, Iv’serel was ordered into the defensive line to help protect the refugees boarding the ship. Iv’serel fought bravely on the defensive line but was eventually wounded badly and carried onboard the Genedar just as the ship left. Iv’serel eventually recovered from her injuries and were rejoined with her siblings for a while. Eventually, the elite of the Draenei decided to fight back against the legion and split off a portion of the Genedar and named it the Xenedar and the Draenei who left on it became the Army of the Light.

Hertanis and Alberoth stayed with the Genedar finishing their Paladin training. Finally, after settling on Draenor, the twins became members of the Hand of Argus following in the footsteps of their elder sister. They were well thought of by their peers and served the city of Shattrath well. Their little sister however felt the call of nature and while there was little contact between the Orcs of Nagrand and the citizens of Shattrath, there was some visitation and trade between the two groups. Amalisa was playing on Aldor Rise with some friends one day when an elderly orc shaman came into the city with some of his acolytes. Amalisa ran in front of the old orc and just stopped. The old orc could immediately sense the power of nature within the young Draenei and asked softly of her, where were her parents? Alberoth, whose duties that day involved patrolling the Aldor rise, was nearby and saw the incident happening and went over to them.

The old orc seeing the approach of Alberoth, could feel the familial connection between the two and turning to him, asked if he could take Amalisa with him to be trained as a shaman so she could serve the planet. Alberoth, knowing that his sisters following was not to be found in magic or religion agreed. It would be many years before they would see each other again.

Eventually, the Legion found Draenor and provoked the orcs into attacking the Draenei. By this stage, Hertanis and Alberoth had advanced to the rank of Vindicator within the Hand of Argus and were commanding their own units during the war. Both brothers were a part of the retreat into the Zangar marshes protecting the remenants of the untransformed Draenei. After the Blood Elves led by Kael’thas had seized Tempest Keep, Hertanis led the remains of his unit to secure the Exodar while Alberoth and the remenants of his unit protected the rear of the survivors as they fled to the Exodar. Amalisa and the rest of the Draenei shaman had joined Alberoth’s unit to assist them by using nature to counter the corruption of the orc warlocks, those shaman corrupted by Gul’dan.

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