Wow Backstories #1: The Night Elves

I’ve started writing backstories for my toons on wow. This is where I will start introducing the characters and their relationships to each other. The first part is going to be my Night Elves, Blood Elves, Nightborne, and Void Elves.

Elvish characters:
Drenarian Rainstar – Night Elf Demon Hunter

Valder Tonthinteur – Nightborne Mage (dec) Father of Valderian
Alinai Rainstar – Night Elf Mage (dec) Mother of Valderian
Valderian Rainstar – Night Elf Hunter

Kigrel Vostraenn – Nightborne Mage (dec) Father of Gencarian and Alarcarian
Resharian Tonthinteur – Nightborne Mage Mother of Gencarian and Alarcarian
Gencarian Vostraenn – Blood Elf Rogue
Alarcarian Tonthinteur – Void Elf Warlock

Kaelor Winterwind – Night Elf Warrior (dec) Father of Draladius and Garaldius
Lyladius Tonthinteur – Nightborne Priestess (dec) Mother of Draladius and Garaldius
Draladius Winterwind – Night Elf Druid
Garaldius Winterwind – Night Elf Mage

Drenarian Rainstar and his sister Alinai were both members of the Moon Guard and were both powerful mages. Valder Tonthinteur was a member of Queen Azshara’ personal Guard, along with his brother-in-law Kigrel Vostraenn. Kaelor Winterwind was a member of the Ravencrest Guard and his wife Lyladius, Kigrel’s baby sister, was a priestess at the Temple of Alune in Val’Sharah.

Kigrel’s wife, Resharian, was raising their children Gencarian and Alarcarian at home in Suramar. Gencarian and Alarcarian had both sent to visit their cousins in Val’Sharah. Valdarian was also visiting his cousins at the start of the war of the ancients.

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