Ouchies 2018…

Eleven years ago, I had an accident where I took a fall going down the stairs into my apartment in Kendal, UK. The damage done to my ankle 11 years ago seems to have attributed to the fall I had last Monday when my ankle rolled for no reason and collapsed causing me to hit the ground like a sack of spuds. Roll on to the weekend and as the swelling around the knee area started to go down, the knee started to get unstable and move about unpredictably causing me a few problems.

So, today, I wander down to the local docs and find that there is a very good chance that I have done my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). So, off I go for a MRI scan. I need to go back to the docs to get another referal to a different mob than SKG because they don’t appear to bulk bill and I don’t have $350 bucks to spend on an MRI!

Anyways… ouchies… again!

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