Politics in Australia

There is a problem in Australia that is starting to become quite distressing. It appears that the people of Australia are either getting dumber or they are happy with the way that the politicians of Australia are really working for the corporations. They, the politicians, seem to have gotten the idea that they can do whatever they want and the people of Australia are going to allow it. They are selling our country piece by piece to the corporations or their rich friends and we are doing nothing about it.

When are the Australia people going to start to wake up to the fact that professional politicians are corrupt. They might start out having good intentions and the best interests of their constituents at heart, but over time… as they become more mired down in the system, they end up having a superiority complex over the average person and think that the money getting poured into their campaign funds by big business is their to do with what they want. Unfortunately for them… they are subject to the whims and wishes of the Australian people. This rampant corruption and bias towards the rich and the corporations needs to stop.

We need to get back to a political system where the best interests of the nation and its people are served by people who actually care about them. We need to forge a system where the corporations are not allowed to fund politicians because that means that the politician then “owes” the corporations a favour. It isnt in the best interests of the country to hand to the corporations the power to sue the government if legislation is passed that impinges on their profits. A corporation can be expected to make a reasonable profit… but to gouge and sue a government because what they are doing is actually illegal or detrimental to the well being of the people and their livelihoods is beyond a joke.

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