A future trip home…

At some point in the near future, I will be returning back to Australia again. However, instead of traveling from west to east, I am thinking of going east to west… starting off in Shannon (after shipping my stuff in the UK back to Oz about 3 months earlier),  I am thinking of flying from there to Boston, change planes at Boston and fly out to San Deigo.

I will hang around there for a couple of days meeting up with a couple of friends I have out there before jumping on a jet at LAX and then flying to Hawaii. I might spend a couple of days there checking the place out before I hop back onto a play and fly to Tokyo and finally get to see Japan.

And because Tokyo is on roughly the same timezone as WA, it’s a nice short hop home…

Jobs a goodun.

That being said, I am thinking of setting up a small office in a transportable so that I can work from home. I will be trying to either get some contract work or line up some freelance stuff before I head home… lets me have a nice break on the way back and then straight into work when I do get home.

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