Saying we won’t spy on you again to Indonesia

Would I be strange in saying that we are stupid in saying to Indonesia that we won’t spy on you again. I mean it opens all sorts of issues. They could setup a massive invasion army to come and invade Australia and we wouldnt have any warning of it because we have promised to not spy on them again.

Personally, I say screw you jack… we will continue to spy on you while you are being deliberately antagonistic towards Australia. Your citizens constantly attack Australian tourists visiting your country and your police deliberately go out of their way to try and frame Australian citizens so that you can portray us as evil criminals who are trying to corrupt your innocent citizens.

Give it a rest mate… you guys have the wood on us in terms of corruption. Your politicians are all war criminals and crooks who tend to jump up and down if you catch them at it.

But how about this compromise… we promise not to spy on your shitty country so long as you pull every Indonesian spy out of Australia. And while you are at it… stop allowing your fishing boats to invade Australian waters. Because at some point, we will get sick and tired of catching the same fuckers again and again and just start sinking their boats… while they are still on board.

Now… go away and sit down and shut the fuck up because adults want to talk…

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