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Admittedly, the Australian Post people should have checked their facts a bit better with one of their new stamp issues… I mean linking one of our greatest military victories with a country that didnt even exist at the time. How stupid is that?

But… to complain about the stamp below:

Beersheba Stamp

Beersheba stamp

is a bit of a joke really. It’s about Australian history… it’s got nothing to do with fucking Israeli propaganda. The charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba was the last cavalry charge in the world… and it was successful against modern (for the time) military weapons.

It was successful against modern artillery and machine guns.

So it was linked with Israel… the country that currently owns where Beersheba stands. I dont like the fact that the Israelis took so much territory belonging to their Palestinian cousins (because ethnically, they are the same race) and have been holding it illegally for decades.

But to whinge about a stamp commemorating a historical feat is a bit fucking PC and I hate PC idiots.

This is Australia

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