It seems that homepageuniverse.com only has a single bandwidth provider. In other words, if someone cuts their line to their provider, or their providers router goes down or someone screws up the settings in the router (like what happened Tuesday) their entire network goes for a burton.

And this is supposed to be a reliable hosting provider. Most of the hosting providers have a number of failover providers if their main connection goes down. This then allows the hosting company to keep servicing their clients even though their main link is down. The speed will be a bit slower but their clients will still be able to serve their sites to the public.

It’s also good practice to let your clients know what happened as soon as things are fixed. I had to raise a ticket to find out what happened at HPU myself. My father, who is also one of their customers, had all of his business sites down as well.

So the long and the short of it is… I will be moving all my websites off HPU in the near future and I will manage my own hosting from there.

Cheers HPU… you have lost at least 1 customer because of your lack of communication the other day.

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