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Last week in Melbourne… just before the Richmond vs Carlton AFL game started a tragedy struck one family who were going to the game that night. A brother and sister, Alexander and Bridget Jones, were on their way to the MCG to meet up with their father for the game when the wall on Swanston St collapsed on top of them and a researcher from France.

It turned out that both Zander and Bridget were passionate Carlton supporters.

There have been calls from amongst the AFL community for Carlton to show their respects to the family by wearing black armbands at this weekends game against Collingwood. This would be awesome for the club… however, for Carlton to wear the black armbands, they have to ask permission from the AFL to do so. If they dont do it… whats the worst that can happen? The AFL hands out a fine?

If thats the case, and Carlton wear the black armbands without permission… I propose that every Carlton supporter who goes to the game chips in $2 each towards the fine with the remainder getting passed over to the family.

And even if the AFL does give permission… how about every Blues supporter on the ground toss in a gold coin to hand over to the family in this time of tragedy for them. It doesnt bring back their children… but it shows compassion and caring for our own.

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