Why should everyone be right

I was listening to some wow parody songs over the weekend and I found out that one of them (Play your class) is a parody of the Pink song “Raise Your Glass” and so I went off and had a listen to it.

The chorus is very true… raise your glass if you are wrong in the right way. It doesnt matter if we are white, black, straight, gay, male, female, jock or nerd… we are all humans and we are all, in one way or another… wrong in the right way.

If we dont conform to the image that society has these days of what people should look like or act like or even dress like… we are wrong… but guess what! I bet that there are more people out there like me than there are that are exactly like society says they should be.

I think that I would prefer to ┬ábe wrong in the right way rather than right in the wrong way… or to be exact… I would prefer to be exactly who I am and not someone that society expects to fit into their view of what I should be.

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