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I keep looking in the newspapers around the world and I am seeing all this debt talk… everyone owes money… house prices are sky rocketing back in Australia and in the UK and there seems to be no end of. I am also seeing all this talk about unemployment being on the rise and I think that I have a solution to it all.

I have seen a lot of companies outsourcing jobs to South East Asia and India or to Eastern European countries where there is dirt cheap labour. And I wonder at times if this is one of the things that is crippling western economies?

So… the solution to the unemployment issues and the bank debts (and in a small way it should also fix the tax evasion issues as well). The tax/debt issue is easy. A flat 25% on gross revenue across the board. If you make money, the government wants 1/4 of it. If you have outsourced jobs to another country, that rises up to 33%. Everyone pays. If you do business in the country, you pay tax. If you move the money you make locally out of the country to another part of your company registered overseas, you will be taxed at 50% of everything you move out of the country unless you can prove that it is to pay bills. But if you make 5 billion dollars and you transfer 4 billion of that 5 billion out of the country, you owe the government 2 billion dollars payable immediately.

There is one and only one tax break you can get… resource your jobs back into your country. Open the factories again and hire locals. The government will set a minimum wage you can pay. So if you re-open the factories you closed down so that you could open up sweat shops in South East Asia or Eastern Europe, you will pay a flat rate of 17.5% on gross revenue. If you have to buy materials overseas to help you manufacture your products, then there is no import duties on those goods essential to your business.

If you decide that you are going to move your company out of the country and export from your new country of residence to your old country of residence, then you will get taxed at 50% of your gross revenue. Sorry… but you cant run a local business buying finished products from a parent company and not expect to get slammed for it. You are taking money and jobs away from your original country of residence.

As for the unemployment issue… hopefully all those companies who decide that re-opening their factories in their current country of residence is a good thing, they will get a bonus 2.5% off their tax for 3 years to allow for the re-tooling of their factory and the re-employment and training of their work force.

And as for those lazy arseholes who thinks that because their parents worked and paid taxes, they should be allowed to laze around collecting the dole at the tax payers (their parents) expense will be given a verbal warning after 3 months, a written warning after 6 months and if those useless fuckers are still on the dole after 12 months, they will be forced to do compulsory military service for a period of 3 years paying a tax rate of 50%… considering that they will be getting cheap rent and food for 3 years, 50% tax is not an unreasonable sum. And if someone has a physical issue that prevents them from serving in the armed forces, then they get to do 3 years community social work at a reasonable salary.

The biggest issue really is that a lot of people are too politically correct these days and think that my politics are too radical and upsetting for people to accept… but I think that there are a lot of people out there who, if they read this, would be stroking their chins going hmmm… thats actually quite a good idea.

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