Seaford with mates

Last year I was diagnosed with mild depression… it sucked. I went back to Australia for a month to try and get things sorted out… it kinda helped. Then I started chatting with a friend who helped me start looking at life a lot more positively. I identified that, in Manchester, I had no real friends like I had around me in Kendal and Bristol when I was living in those two places. So I started thinking that it might be best for me to move away from Manchester and get around friends again.

Then another friend suggested, when I mentioned that I wanted to move away from Manchester, that I move to Seaford and move into a place with him and another friend.

That move happened last weekend and I am now slowly getting myself settled into the new place with them. It’s going to be a shitload of fun sharing a place with mates… and it will definitely get me out of the slump that I am in.

Someone else close to me, suggested that I just sell up everything I own and go on an adventure that he would love to do if he was me… it’s basically him wanting me to live his adventures for him. He didnt stop to think that I was moving because I wanted to have my friends around me again. He seemed to think that wandering off into a foreign country where I was on my own with no friends around me would be good for me.

Then a couple of weeks later, he posts something up on Facebook basically telling me to take a job in Gibraltar and walk away from the commitments I have here in Seaford with my mates about the house. Unfortunately I care about my friends and my commitments to them.

So… at the end of the day… I am here in Seaford and feeling very relaxed and happy with my friends.

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