I dont know about you guys, but I am seriously starting to get fucking pissed off with the amount of fucking ads appearing on youtube these days. I want to know if the people who post their personal videos on there so friends can look at it are getting a rub of the coin from Google (the fucks who own youtube these days) who are pushing all these ads out. I really need to start loading up my iphone and/or my android with music or even drop a days worth of music off my stuff from home onto the laptop so I dont have to listen to ads any more.

Also, if I am listening to fucking ROCK music, I dont want to hear about the latest and greatest (sic) urban R&B album that I have no fucking interest in at all. If it isnt played with at least 1 guitar, 1 bass guitar and a set of drums, then fuck it off… of course unless I am listening to trance or house dance music… but regardless… I dont want to know about some dumbshit fucking wannabe music starlet who, aside from having blown her way to a recording contract, has less talent in her entire body than I have in my little toe…

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