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Rugby World Cup

Ok… the English have knocked Australia out of the world cup again and there is a lot of comments flying back and forth between the two countries. Personally I thought that it was a good hard fought game that could … Continue reading

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The Puma’s go all the way

Ranked #4 in the world apparently, Argentina has produced the goods in the first round of the Rugby world cup by beating serious world class opposition in France and Ireland. To be perfectly honest, I think that they have the … Continue reading

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Protected: Wales vs Australia

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A possible look at the future…

For all the West Coast Eagles fans out there… Looks damned good in Navy Blue doesnt he 😀 And if your board and your coach try and play hardball with us, then there is a good chance we might get … Continue reading

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Pumas shock the world

Like fuck the argies shocked the world… they are the #6 rated team in world rugby… France is #3 behind the Saffers and the aussies… not much of a shock there really.

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Australian Football

I’m pretty disgusted at what happened in the Asian cup recently… Mr Graham Arnold, who I was willing to give the benefit of doubt over his skills in managing the Australian team, completely screwed the pooch. He lost the confidence … Continue reading

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Cousins says sorry

fsck you… Carlton sacked 2 players with a lesser profile, but just as much talent as this druggie for exactly the same reason… They took drugs. But Ben Cousins takes drugs, goes into rehab and comes our supposedly clean and … Continue reading

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Ireland knock out Zimbabwe

After the super 8 in the cricket world cup, it seems that Ireland has gotten into the top 10 countries playing one day cricket. They have knocked Zimbabwe out of the top 10 and good job to the irish. They … Continue reading

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Bank it like Beckham

Bloody hell… Just reading the site as is my wont first thing of the morning and I noticed that Beckham is going to sign for the LA Galaxy football team (football being soccer to those of you who follow … Continue reading

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End of an era…

As the sun slowly comes down on the careers of 3 extrordinary cricket players, the sport is going to be the less for their leaving. Shane Warne, what else can you say about the man… he is simply the best … Continue reading

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