Ouchies 2018…

Eleven years ago, I had an accident where I took a fall going down the stairs into my apartment in Kendal, UK. The damage done to my ankle 11 years ago seems to have attributed to the fall I had last Monday when my ankle rolled for no reason and collapsed causing me to hit the ground like a sack of spuds. Roll on to the weekend and as the swelling around the knee area started to go down, the knee started to get unstable and move about unpredictably causing me a few problems.

So, today, I wander down to the local docs and find that there is a very good chance that I have done my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). So, off I go for a MRI scan. I need to go back to the docs to get another referal to a different mob than SKG because they don’t appear to bulk bill and I don’t have $350 bucks to spend on an MRI!

Anyways… ouchies… again!

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Well it’s been a while…

I returned to Australia to help out my parents a couple of years back… mum with her hips and dad with his stage 2 bowel cancer. Mum has had one of her hips replaced and dad’s cancer has metastasised and spread. We don’t know how long he has, but the general feeling is that he isn’t going to make out the end of 2017.

That seriously sucks arse 🙁

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Politics in Australia

There is a problem in Australia that is starting to become quite distressing. It appears that the people of Australia are either getting dumber or they are happy with the way that the politicians of Australia are really working for the corporations. They, the politicians, seem to have gotten the idea that they can do whatever they want and the people of Australia are going to allow it. They are selling our country piece by piece to the corporations or their rich friends and we are doing nothing about it.

When are the Australia people going to start to wake up to the fact that professional politicians are corrupt. They might start out having good intentions and the best interests of their constituents at heart, but over time… as they become more mired down in the system, they end up having a superiority complex over the average person and think that the money getting poured into their campaign funds by big business is their to do with what they want. Unfortunately for them… they are subject to the whims and wishes of the Australian people. This rampant corruption and bias towards the rich and the corporations needs to stop.

We need to get back to a political system where the best interests of the nation and its people are served by people who actually care about them. We need to forge a system where the corporations are not allowed to fund politicians because that means that the politician then “owes” the corporations a favour. It isnt in the best interests of the country to hand to the corporations the power to sue the government if legislation is passed that impinges on their profits. A corporation can be expected to make a reasonable profit… but to gouge and sue a government because what they are doing is actually illegal or detrimental to the well being of the people and their livelihoods is beyond a joke.

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Schapelle Corby… give it a fucking rest please media people

I’m happy that she is out of jail. But for fucks sake… she is a convicted fucking drug smuggler. Why turn her into a fucking celebrity because she has spent some time in the prison system of Indonesia. She hasnt done anything worthy of being a celebrity. She is a criminal. Give it a fucking rest please media people.

PS: She is not worth spending fucking 2 million dollars on. Why should she make a fortune on her story about life in prison in Indonesia for breaking their laws. You don’t hear that much about people trying to smuggle drugs into Australia… a big splash about how much they found and how much time the perp is getting for their crimes and bam… forgotten for the next BB contestant.

FUCK OFF Corby you fucking drug smuggler!

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A future trip home…

At some point in the near future, I will be returning back to Australia again. However, instead of traveling from west to east, I am thinking of going east to west… starting off in Shannon (after shipping my stuff in the UK back to Oz about 3 months earlier),  I am thinking of flying from there to Boston, change planes at Boston and fly out to San Deigo.

I will hang around there for a couple of days meeting up with a couple of friends I have out there before jumping on a jet at LAX and then flying to Hawaii. I might spend a couple of days there checking the place out before I hop back onto a play and fly to Tokyo and finally get to see Japan.

And because Tokyo is on roughly the same timezone as WA, it’s a nice short hop home…

Jobs a goodun.

That being said, I am thinking of setting up a small office in a transportable so that I can work from home. I will be trying to either get some contract work or line up some freelance stuff before I head home… lets me have a nice break on the way back and then straight into work when I do get home.

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Saying we won’t spy on you again to Indonesia

Would I be strange in saying that we are stupid in saying to Indonesia that we won’t spy on you again. I mean it opens all sorts of issues. They could setup a massive invasion army to come and invade Australia and we wouldnt have any warning of it because we have promised to not spy on them again.

Personally, I say screw you jack… we will continue to spy on you while you are being deliberately antagonistic towards Australia. Your citizens constantly attack Australian tourists visiting your country and your police deliberately go out of their way to try and frame Australian citizens so that you can portray us as evil criminals who are trying to corrupt your innocent citizens.

Give it a rest mate… you guys have the wood on us in terms of corruption. Your politicians are all war criminals and crooks who tend to jump up and down if you catch them at it.

But how about this compromise… we promise not to spy on your shitty country so long as you pull every Indonesian spy out of Australia. And while you are at it… stop allowing your fishing boats to invade Australian waters. Because at some point, we will get sick and tired of catching the same fuckers again and again and just start sinking their boats… while they are still on board.

Now… go away and sit down and shut the fuck up because adults want to talk…

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Why is it that family are the ones who end up with the ability to hurt you the most.

Your friends you sort of expect to hurt you at some point… but you constantly leave yourself open to getting ripped apart by your family.

Don’t feel like talking to anyone at the moment…


I wish I had some of my music here at work with me so I could try and drown out the hurt!

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Which type are you?


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Hardware tech cleanout…

I have next week off and I am going to be working my butt off sorting shit out.

I am going to be going through all my old computers and working out what I need and dont need and I am going to be sorting out the garage which is going to be my office.

I have a new case + motherboard bundle coming next week which I am going to turn into a development workstation and I will be installing Linux on it. Which version, I dont know yet but I do know that I am also going to be setting up another machine to act as a VirtualBox server running headless vbox machines.

It’s possible that I will have to get another processor and 16gb of Ram (2x8gb) for my main computer and moving the 16Gb in that to the vbox server.

In the end, I just want to be left with the following:

1 high end desktop (my games machine)
1 desktop (the new workstation)
1 firewall server (my old dell desktop)
1 Windows 2008 server
1 VirtualBox server (capable of running Windows desktop OS’s and Linux desktops)

And thats it.

I am also going to discuss with the guys I share the place with, about re-vamping the house network. I have a 4 port 1gBaseT Ethernet over power adapter and a bunch of 200mbps and 500mpbs adapters to spread the load around.

Have to see how it all goes 😀

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Whinge Whinge Moan

Admittedly, the Australian Post people should have checked their facts a bit better with one of their new stamp issues… I mean linking one of our greatest military victories with a country that didnt even exist at the time. How stupid is that? Continue reading

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